The International Career and Business Alliance, ICABA® is a member-based, global business network assisting black professionals and entrepreneurs attain their career, business and lifestyle aspirations. ICABA® delivers valuable connections, information and opportunities from its online community, signature events, travel and publications. ICABA will present an elite group of individuals for its annual Caribbean Excellence with a Black-Tie Gala.  Each individual were chosen for having made a significant impact not only in their professional careers but in their respective South Florida communities as well. ICABA will showcase the honorees in its Saturday, October 22nd.

President and CEO of The Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce, Germain Bebe, will be a recipient of ICABA’s Rising Star Award.



Germain Bebe is a seasoned business professional with over 10 years of leadership experience across multiple industries. Germain holds a Bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University and pursuing and MBA from West Texas AM University. German has often been recognized as a leader and visionary and has served as Associate director of CareerTech, VP of the South Florida Careers Inc. of Broward County, Co-Chair of North Miami Film Coalition and a directing member of the Florida National University Human Trafficking Steering Council. He has helped set the bar and has found success at both a fortune 100 company and small to mid-size companies. Germain’s passion for success lies in his vision. He is a believer in data driven decision making and is proven to be able to adapt and adjust well to changing economic climates. Germain has been recognized as one of the youngest to hold the position of CEO for a Chamber of Commerce in the State of Florida and been the recipient of Legacy’s Miami 40 under 40 award in 2016.


Germain is the Cofounder of the North East Dade Film coalition, co-chair of the Flavors of North Miami Food and Wine Festival and Co-Chair of several community and cultural initiatives promoting tourism, business and culture in North East Dade. Germain Bebe’s latest venture is 3Phases Investments, which focuses on investing and consulting in real estate and manufacturing projects both within the United States and emerging markets abroad. Germain understands critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries: creating partnerships in multiple industries including financing, tourism and marketing. During his time in serving in leadership roles, Germain has led to two start-ups in both the tech and education industries. Germain success has come from his ability to build strong relationships with government officials, corporate partners, nonprofits and clients.


Germain’s passions have always been for community, culture, the arts, technology and success. Germain is an avid reader and is known for having a general curiosity for all things. “Every time I hear or see something new, I tend to spend hours on sites like Wikipedia and google reading up about it and everything associated with it.” His favorite authors are Glen Cook, Ibram Gaunt, Edwidge Danticat and Richard Wright. Germain’s passion for books, development, art and culture all blend into one. He is an avid collector of different paintings and some antique furniture. His favorite artist are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Levoy Exil, Edith Adan Patrick, Philippe Dodard.


Lastly, Germain is also passionate about development. Not just the buildings themselves, but the psychology and sociology of placing them there. “I get excited about discovering new places where the architecture creates a sense of place. Cities are enigmas for me, and questions like; how do they decide how high a sidewalk curb should be? are questions I catch myself asking all the time. It’s the reason I got an Urban Planning degree.”


Germain’s belief is that success begins with working hard, and because of this he has always chosen to live by example. Germain has found that success comes from the people involved and he seeks to leave behind a legacy of lasting change and progress.




An awards & cocktail reception will take place at the Tower Club of Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday, October 22nd.



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