December 21, 2015 (579 days ago)
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Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce

North Miami Chamber Commerce CEO and President, Germain Bebe served as guest speaker for the SWAG mentorship program Induction Ceremony at Nova Middle School. The ceremony was held on December 7th, 2015.  

Nova Middle School's SWAG program (Students Working Ambitiously To Graduate) is Nova Middle School's initiative to aid and foster positivity and productivity among the male students through workshops, guest speakers, teen/adult interactions and activities, and other means of building a sense of self-esteem, school pride and community service.


“I came a long way from where I grew up and I had a lot of help so I’ve always jumped at the opportunity to give back. I’m 29 years old and I’ve started several small ventures from an IT company, real estate and project management and have had a lot of ups and downs. I’m where I’m at today because a few people took special interest in me and I chose to listen to their advice.”

The Nova Middle School SWAG mentorship program will help minority boys excel academically and socially in a school setting. Twenty-five 8th grade males will be chosen to mentor a few "at risk" 6th and 7th grade students. The students will interact with one another and converse about academics, social issues, life, etc.


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